The Kincardine Dive Locker stocks a wide selection of masks, flippers, snorkels, and accessories for the skin diving enthusiast. Pre-assembled packages are available or you can mix and match your own. An introduction to skin diving course is offered to teach the foundation of all skills and principles involved in this popular sport.

The Discover SCUBA Diving program is also an excellent pre-training experience for children who want to explore the possibilities of diving but are too young to dive with scuba in the open water or before trying the PADI Bubblemaker program.

Snorkeling 101

With your new snorkeling gear, you're about to enter a world of wonder, natural beauty and fun! Snorkeling's easy - something friends, couples or the whole family can enjoy together! This video will show you how to get the most out of your snorkeling adventures.

Rental Equipment

The Kincardine Dive Locker has the rental gear to fit your needs. No more struggling into an ill-fitting wetsuit, the Dive Locker has one that will fit you properly. So if you need to rent anything for your dive, from fins, wetsuits, drysuits, BCDs or even underwater cameras, come and see us for one of the largest selections in the Kincardine area.

Tips for Gear Maintenance

The following tips will help you maintain both your personal gear as well as prepare our rental gear before it is returned to the store.


  • Rinse thoroughly inside and out with a garden hose, or in a bathtub
  • Hang the suit inside out to dry on a plastic or wooden hanger
  • Once the inside has dried, turn the suit right side out to finish drying
  • Follow the same steps for your hood and gloves
  • Hang to dry

Mask, snorkel, and fins:

  • Rinse thoroughly with a garden hose, or in a bath tub and allow to dry
  • Check with the store for directions pertaining to specialized equipment such as lights, cameras, dry suits, etc.

And finally, make every effort to keep all gear out of the sun for extended periods of time, and do not subject gear to unnecessary abuse.